Upcoming Senior Class Activities

By Mya Morales and Angelique Rivers

Senior Class Sponsor- Mrs. Beckford

Senior Class President- Jennifer Corletto

Senior Class Vice President- Farah Dieujuste

Senior Class Secretary- Alex Oviedo

Senior Class Treasurer- Karlie Vilna



  • “Paint Your Parking Spot” for $15 with the following materials:
    • latex liquid paint,
    • blue painter’s tape,
    • paintbrushes,
    • and brooms.

You will be given a template to draw out your design, which will be given to administration once you’ve completed it. Then, administration must approve it and give you a ticket. The rules explain that it has to be school appropriate, meaning it can’t be about drugs, sex, gang affiliations or include rude comments, slurs against a specific sex, gender, race, ethnicity, culture background or sexual orientation.

  • For senior merchandise, the class will be selling:
    • lanyards for $5,
    • baseball jerseys for $35,
    • windbreakers for $45,
    • and drawstring bags for $8.
  • The results of the poll for the class slogan are on our school’s Twitter account, @McArthur_HS. The new slogans included:
    • “We’re Kind Of A B19 Deal” with 38% of the vote,
    • “You D19?” with 34% of the vote,
    • “Reaching New Heights” with 18% of the vote,
    • and “Shine Br19ht” with 10% of the vote,

So Fresh… So Clean… Class of 2019 is a new option.

  • Prom is on Friday, May 17, 2019 at The Venue in Ft. Lauderdale. Seniors are allowed to leave early from school that day. If you would like to sign up for the prom committee, talk to Mrs. Beckford.
  • There will be concession stands open before and after school on certain days. In the morning, doughnuts and coffee will be sold, and water bottles will be sold in the afternoons. Those interested can help run the concession stand for volunteer hours.
  • Movie night will take place on Thursday, Oct. 18 in the courtyard. Pre-sale tickets will be available in addition to a package that comes with the ticket and your choice of three candies. Bring chairs!
  • Senior class meetings will take place on the second Thursday of each month. This year’s meeting dates are:
    • Oct. 11,
    • Nov. 8,
    • Dec. 13,
    • Jan. 14,
    • Feb. 14,
    • March 14,
    • April 11,
    • and May 9.


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