New Teachers Include Professional Actor

By Kaylee Hilyer

Now that summer has come and gone, Mustangs old and new are back in the classroom anticipating an exciting new school year.

This year brings many changes, including a few new faculty members.

This year, McA welcomes 10 new teachers, as well as three new staff members.

For some, this is their first-year teaching, as is the case for Mr. Brook Hamilton, our new theater teacher. Leading an exciting work life, he has gone from touring with different theatrical productions to running a business to teaching.

“I was just applying to be a sub to get into the industry.” he said. “But I got accepted, and while I was looking at it, there were, to start, four (drama) positions open,” said Mr. Hamilton.

That number dwindled down to zero, until, unexpectedly, a teaching position opened here.

“I came in, I called, and asked if I could put a face to a name. I met with Mr. LaPace that day, and he hired me on the spot.” said Mr. Hamilton.

Other teachers, although new to McArthur, aren’t new in the teaching field, like foreign language teacher Ms. Keila Mercedes.

She told the Mustang Spirit that she has been teaching for over 20 years. She was attracted to McA due to its course offerings, as French 1 was just added to the elective list this year.

She found McArthur through a job-fair and fell in love with “our multicultural spirit.”

Broward alumni have also returned to the school to teach, as is the case for English teacher Ms. Jessica Bass, who graduated from Piper High. Ms. Bass is entering her sixth year of teaching after transferring from Stranahan High School in Fort Lauderdale.

“I love it here!” she said. “The students are amazing, the staff is really helpful, and I’m excited for the rest of this year.”

All of our teachers, old and new, share a driving spirit, and are excited to face the new academic year. Let’s make this a great year, Mustangs!

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