New Smash Bros. Game is “a Dream”

By Robert Hornberger

Smash Bros. Ultimate, the long-awaited addition to the fan favorite series, is going to be released worldwide on December 7th 2018, and it’s supposed to be the “ultimate” Smash Bros. game. 


At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Nintendo gave fans a look into the new Smash Bros. game and decided to let a few selected people play it before its release date. 


“Just played the new Smash, it’s a dream,” said Xavier Harding, a former writer for Inverse, a video game critic website. 


The new Smash Bros. game includes tons of small features and mechanical changes that transform the game entirely. 


One of these new changes is the percentage per hit ratio for the characters.


“The movement speed for characters overall has increased, but the smaller and lighter characters tend to be quicker and take more damage from hits.” said Jake Kleinman, a writer for Inverse. 


They’ve also added other small mechanics, like a slow-motion effect for specials, ultimate attacks that players can perform with their characters, and penalties for spamming the dodge button. 


“While fighting your opponent, the game now gives you the chance to counter your opponent’s attack after you’ve successfully blocked it.” said Kleinman. 


Not only does the game include every character from the previous Smash games, but it also has brand new characters that people thought would never be in the Super Smash Bros. series. 


“The game has 73 characters and will definitely have an increase in its roster at some point later in time.” said Kleinman. 


The game now allows you to select the stages you want to play on before you pick your character. 


“The game now gives you the chance to pick the stage before you and your opponent pick your characters, so that way you aren’t stuck on a map that’s unsuited for your character.” said Kleinman. 


The game also has 300 stages with over 800 tracks that come from some of the other popular Nintendo game series like the Legend of ZeldaPokémon, and Fire Emblem. 

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