Thespians Shine, District Competition

By Ariana Boland

Drama Club members Tyler Fernandez and Taseeda Freeman won the AllStar Cast Award and All-Star Crew Award, respectively, for their roles in the play Shooting Gallery performed at the District 13 One Act Competition.
Both students were commemorated by the Florida State Thespians society for their individual performances. Tyler won his award for playing the protagonist, Michael, a man who visits an art museum and struggles to understand others’ perception of art. By overcoming this obstacle, he is able to find love. When preparing for the role, Tyler especially enjoyed working with its personality.
“You can really make the character you own,” he said. Tyler was also required to learn the bulk of the dialogue and a lot of stage direction.
“The show was as successful as it was in large part to the work he did off and on the stage,” said Mr. James Carrey, drama teacher.
The students received an excellent score, and it’sd important to note that although those on stage receive the most attention, it is the cooperation with those behind the stage that brings a production to life.
Taseeda won her award for her work as a sound technician. She made sure that music and audio effects were synced with lighting and actors’ entrances. Her work is important because if music and effects aren’t stopped, actors aren’t able to begin their lines. She said her favorite part of the job was the people she got to work with every day. The pair also described the hard work they put into the production.
Cast and crew members are often expected to stay after school until 5 or 6 p.m to rehearse. In total, the play required a month of preparation.
“I am proud of the effort that Tyler and Taseeda put into their roles. Both students are nearing completion of their high school careers and still found the time to dedicate themselves to their duties in the show,” said Mr. Carrey. Shooting Gallery was also Mr. Carrey’s first production at McArthur.
“The production was a fun exercise in developing the Theatre Department,” said Mr. Carrey. “Both myself and the students gained perspective on where the program can grow and flourish.”
Drama plans to perform its next play, Drop Dead Juliet and Hamlet: Zombie Killer of Denmark, a series of Shakespeare parodies, in early February.

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