Dancers Heat Up Half Time

The 2017 Faculty/Student Basketball game was filled with surprises and offered guests a time worthy of the ticket price.

Although the faculty lost, they played a fast game with good defense and three-point baskets that helped their score.

“The staff was better than I thought they’d be. I thought they did pretty good,” said junior Maria Chaparro.

“LaPace handled the ball really well. That shot was amazing,” said junior Jonathan Emery of a three-point shot made by Principal Todd LaPace.

The students shot right back with layups, successful rebounds, and steals.

Sophomore Bryan Allan blocks Mr. Horation Major as he attempts a two-point shot during the game.

“They played hard. The steals were a real momentum changer because the game was close,” said senior Leslie Brown, the game’s referee.

Freshman Jhonathan Schiavello going for a slam dunk.

“They put so much energy into the game. They were really serious,” said sophomore Michelle Rodriguez.

Additionally, the school paid tribute to John Jones. A coach and teacher who passed away last summer. LaPace gave his family a faculty game shirt and senior Steve Benjamin presented them with a sketch he drew of Mr. Jones.

The Jones family flanked by Principal LaPace on the left and Kevin Martin and Ingrid Clarke on the right.

Lastly, the Miami Heat Dancers performed before the game and at halftime. They donated their time for the fundraising event.

“They were really good,” said senior Or Krozman. “It was a fun time.”



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